JOURNEY TO MY HEART by Terra Little (Carrington Twins, Book Two)
In Terra Little's steamy contribution to this sizzling hot anthology, the fiery beauty playing bodyguard to a bank heist witness arouses FBI agent Cooper Talbot's suspicions...and desire. Independent contractor Olivia Carrington could be concealing her own complicity. But Cooper can't fight the combustible attraction that leads them into a clandestine romance. Can he put aside his past for a woman in danger? Or is he falling for Olivia at his own peril?

*Harlequin Kimani Romance Anthology. Also, includes The Sweetest Affair by Bridget Anderson*

ROAD TO TEMPTATION by Terra Little (Carrington Twins, Book One)
The disappearance of a state politician's teenage daughter sends missing-persons consultant Elise Carrington into uncharted territory. Especially when the independent PI is forced to partner up with Broderick Cannon, who insists on working the high-profile case his way. As they come to terms with each other, Elise can't let her intense attraction to the sexy, infuriating former Secret Service agent interfere with their mission. Joining forces with a beautiful woman on a search and rescue isn't Broderick's usual style. But he has his own reasons for signing on, which ups the ante even as he and Elise give in to an overwhelming desire. As they chase down leads across the Midwest, Broderick must confront an unresolved personal tragedy that still haunts him. Will he find the answers he's looking for? Or will his lonely pursuit of justice cost them a bright future together?

In Terra's sizzling contribution to this steamy holiday anthology, professional dancer Wendy Kincaid thinks she knows her best friend, Frazier Abernathy, inside out. But he's got a season of surprises in store for the woman he's always desired, leading to a sensual rendezvous where he'll raise the stakes in an all-out merry seduction.

*Harlequin Kimani Arabesque Christmas Anthology. Also, includes Tuscan Nights by Farrah Rochon and Tied Up In Tinsel by Velvet Carter*

To the world she's Vanessa Valentino, a notoriously poison-penned gossip columnist and blogger, but back home in Georgia, she's just Tressie Valentine. After digging up one scandalous secret too many, she's forced back home to the sleepy town she thought she'd left behind forever. And now she must face Nathaniel Woodberry, who became her sworn enemy years ago, when one of her stories hit too close to home. Yet, for some reason, Tressie can't turn off her longing for the irresistible investigative journalist. Nate can't believe Tressie's back to wreak havoc on the close-knit community they both grew up in, and he can't help holding a grudge against her for past deeds. But soon the commitment-wary bachelor finds himself drawn to her, unable to stop thinking about seducing her with a healthy dose of down-home passion. But can he stop Tressie from making a mistake that could destroy their hometown—and their blossoming love?


JUMP by Terra Little
Committing murder was a choice that Helena Hunter made all by herself, but she wasn't thinking about the consequences of her actions when she pulled the trigger. Back home after eight years in prison, she finds that the little girl she left behind is now a teenage stranger, who thinks her mother is a monster. The family members who labeled her the black sheep want her to forget that they all played a part in her downfall and the wonder of being free again is overshadowed by the fear of an unknown future. Before her life went to hell, she was a middle-class computer geek and a proud parent. But now that she's been labeled a menace to society, she's a walking, talking poster child for taking the law into their own hands. Adjusting to life on the outside proves to be harder than she thought it would be. Whatever lessons she hasn't learned, she soon will and from the most unlikely sources. Complete freedom for Helena is possible, but only after the truth is finally revealed and all of the ghosts from her past are exorcised.

After a few ups and downs, Alec "Smoke" Avery and Anne Phillips have finally found a rhythm they can both groove to, and they've made a love connection, which is just fine with their sixteen-year-old son, Isaiah. But, four years later, when the grooving really starts to get good, the past comes back to haunt them in ways they never imagined. With Isaiah off at Kentucky State on a basketball scholarship and destined for the NBA, Smoke and Anne think they can rest easy. But Isaiah's old nemesis, Hood, isn't done wreaking havoc in Isaiah's life. When he reaches out and touches Isaiah on campus and almost destroys Isaiah's life, Smoke is forced to make his presence known once again.

In the beginning, there was a drug dealer named "Smoke", and Breanne Phillips was one of his faithful customers. She was smoking crack cocaine to escape reality and Smoke was just money-hungry enough to take her cash - and anything else she had to offer - in exchange for his magic rocks. It was a mutually satisfying arrangement, one he forgot about as soon as he got out of the game, dropped the nickname "Smoke" and started answering to the name Alec. Fast forward sixteen years and Breanne Phillips is back in his life, except these days, she's a businesswoman, who goes by the name Anne and she's dragging a sixteen-year-old hoodlum behind her, claiming that Alec is the boy's father and demanding that he straighten out their son. And, as if dealing with an unwelcome ghost from his past isn't enough, his son is mixed-up in the kind of foolishness that Alec is all too familiar with, forcing him to step in and rearrange some things. A door opens and Smoke is suddenly back but can he deal with the son he never knew he had?

When Pamela Mayes left Mercy, Georgia, eighteen years ago, she was an orphan with a wild reputation that had just  as much truth to it as it did legend. Fast-forward eighteen years and she is now a celebrity recording artist with money to burn and a reputation for being curiously reclusive. She always said it would take an act of Congress to get her to go back home to Mercy, but when her twin sister Paris is killed, she can't stay away any longer. Everyone wants to know why Pam ran from Mercy all those years ago and they're about to find out...